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Media personality Reyne Hirsch, with an expertise in 20th Century Decorative Arts and Luxury Goods, is called upon to appraise collectibles ranging from antique watches to $20 million dollar paintings. Her appraising skills are also in high demand by investment firms, high end estates and charity auctions. As a regular contributor to The Huffington Post, Reyne blogs on celebrity events, their collections and other Hollywood highlights. She was the host and co producer of The Art of Collecting, a weekly program on KPRC, Houston's NBC station spotlighting trends and news in the world of fine art and auctions. She has also been a repeat guest on CBS' The Early Show and also on Martha Stewart Living Radio. Reyne rose to popularity as on air talent for 13 seasons on PBS' Emmy nominated series, Antiques Roadshow. Reyne is continuously expanding her expertise into new areas; developing original television programming, authoring trade books and using broadcast media and social media to connect with an avid, national fan base of collectors. Reyne is the host of RIDE TV original series, Ridiculous Ranches, where she explores some of the nation’s most extravagant ranches and homes.

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