• Rock Star Vets

    Rock Star Vets

    “Scrub in” with famous equine veterinarian, Dr. Chris Ray. Follow his shenanigans both in and outside of the clinic.

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  • Southern Fried Skinnyfied

    Southern Fried Skinnyfied

    Host Paige Duke-Murray puts a healthy spin on traditional southern comfort foods by offering healthier, jockey-styled alternatives...

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  • It's My Backyard

    It's My Backyard

    Follow Chad Prather as he visits major equine venues across the country and features real people through entertaining “man on the...

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  • This Old Horse

    This Old Horse

    Carly Twisselman showcases the most famous horses in the industry through exclusive interviews with world-renowned trainers and...

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  • The Ride

    Barry Armitage and Joe Dawson re-enact epic horseback journeys in The Ride. From desolate deserts to severe storms nothing is off...

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  • Jumping With Brittni

    Jumping With Brittni

    Follow Brittni Raflowitz, a young professional show jumper, as she balances daily life and her aspirations to compete in the...

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  • 1000 to 1

    Thousand To One

    Watch stories of horses that have overcome innumerable odds during RIDE TV's Thousand to One. For example, thousands of two year-...

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  • Horses That Heal

    Horses That Heal

    Horses That Heal is a documentary centered on the breathtaking benefits of using horses in a variety of therapeutic activities. The...

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  • Ridiculous Ranches

    Ridiculous Ranches

    Luxury Buyer's Agent, Reyne Hirsch, travels the world on behalf of the world’s richest equestrians to find the most ridiculous...

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  • Unbridled Song

    Unbridled Song

    Unbridled Song showcases talented musicians whose passion for horses rivals their passion for music. Tune in each week for the kind...

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  • RIDE On The Road

    RIDE On The Road

    Get an insider’s look into today’s equestrian world with RIDE TV’s RIDE On The Road. Join show host, Meg Drake, as she...

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  • RIDE TV Shorts

    RIDE TV Shorts

    RIDE TV Shorts captures the stories of equestrians and their impact on society in these short films.

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  • RIDE Documentaries

    Get the low-down of everything equestrian related by watching RIDE Documentaries.

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  • RIDE Sports

    RIDE Sports

    From show jumping to team roping, cutting to dressage, RIDE Sports brings you the best in equestrian competitions, in every...

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  • Cowgirls


    They are tough as nails. They don't quit. They are driven to win. They are...Cowgirls.

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  • Songs & Stories

    Songs & Stories

    Grammy award winning singer-songwriter John Berry invites some of his fellow artists to take the stage with him to perform and tell...

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  • PBR Heroes & Legends

    PBR Heroes & Legends

    Host Rob Smets uncovers the amazing stories of the 2018 professional bull rider honorees.

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  • Tuf n' Tiff

    Tuf n' Tif

    Follow one of rodeo's most famous cowboys, Tuf Cooper, and his fiancée, Tiffany McGhan, as they juggle their hectic "rodeo" life with...

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  • Live With Lucia

    Live With Lucia

    Join Anthony Lucia as he interviews the brightest stars in professional rodeo from the RIDE TV Stage, presented by Justin Boots, in...

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  • Racer's Edge

    Racer's Edge

    Racer’s Edge is a lifestyle variety show giving viewers a unique insight to life revolved around the love of running horses and...

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  • PBR Ride to Glory

    PBR Ride to Glory

    Follow PBR's determined, true-grit cowboys down the hard road to glory, as they face off against the rankest bulls in the world.

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  • Heroes and Legends

    Heroes and Legends

    Host Rob Smets interviews the legends of rodeo on the all new original series, Heroes and Legends.

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  • Nashville Insider

    Nashville Insider

    Join host Casie Mason on Nashville Insider, where she breaks down all the happenings and behind the scenes action from the country...

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