Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Based in Fort Worth’s Near Southside & Creating 100 New Jobs
Just Announced – National Access through KlowdTV
VIP Kick-Off November 21

FORT WORTH – Foodies have the FOOD Network. Golfers have the GOLF Channel. Decorators, gardeners and home restoration lovers have HGTV. Now, for the first time ever, horse enthusiasts have access to 24/7, high-definition original programming though the brand new Fort Worth-based RIDE TV network.

RIDE TV is investing millions of dollars in original programming with North Texas-based production companies – including Agora Entertainment in Irving and F2 Media in Fort Worth – to produce exclusive programs showcasing the American horse lifestyle and culture. Forecasted to eventually have 100 employees, the cable network is also making sizeable investments locally in infrastructure and marketing. RIDE TV recently leased and is renovating a historic, 16,000 square foot building located in Fort Worth’s Near Southside, on the corner of South Jennings and Rosedale.

According to the U.S. Horse Council, the $102 billion horse lifestyle market includes:

  • 1 out of 63 Americans interact daily with horses.
  • Texas has as many horses as the countries of Germany, France or Great Britain.
  • 30 million Americans ride horses every year.
  • Tens of millions participate annually as horse owners or spectators.

    “The idea for RIDE TV began in 2011, when a friend introduced me to Michael Fletcher to discuss a television show,” said Craig Morris, co-founder and president of Ride Television Network. “Through hours of discussion, Michael suggested we launch a 24/7 horse lifestyle television channel. After three years of research, relationship building, production, raising capital and creating infrastructure, we are thrilled to officially launch RIDE TV.”

    “RIDE TV is proud to announce our channel is now accessible anywhere in the United States, via live streaming on KlowdTV,” said Michael Fletcher, co-founder and chief executive officer of Ride Television Network. “Additionally, we have secured distribution deals with cable and Telco operators.” RIDE TV was initially launched in Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia on October 13 by Armstrong – a cable operator, – with new markets being added in November. Other distribution agreements will be announced in the coming weeks.

    KlowdTV is a streaming platform bringing consumers live channels to their mobile device, computer and television. Launched in September of 2014, KlowdTV already has thousands of subscribers enjoying a diverse range of live channels in their homes and on their mobile devices. KlowdTV gives subscribers the choice to pay for the channels they want by offering small packages and a la carte channels for only $4.98 per month.

    “We couldn’t be happier to include RIDE TV in our channel lineup. Their content is truly one of a kind, and RIDE TV helps satisfy the growing demand for equestrian focused content,” said William O’Hara, chief executive officer for KlowdTV. “RIDE TV will be a perfect complement to our existing lineup of outdoor and equestrian channels, and will be available to every person with a high speed Internet connection. With the first 30 days being free for all new subscribers, we expect a huge turnout for the new network.”

    RIDE TV will celebrate its launch with an invitation-only, VIP party in Fort Worth’s Historic Stockyards District.

    Friday, November 21
    *** MEDIA ARE WELCOME – please RSVP to Julie@HatchFairley.com ***
    Celebrities in attendance will include:

  • RIDE TV investor John Paul DeJoria – American billionaire businessman and philanthropist, co-founder of the Paul Mitchell line of hair products, The Patron Spirits Company, and new mobile phone service, ROK Mobile.

  • RIDE TV star and shareholder Jay Novacek – Horseman and former NFL Dallas Cowboys tight end (1990–1995), five-time Pro-Bowler and inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame in 2008.

    RIDE TV features an entertaining mix of reality shows, biographies, talk shows, documentaries, movies, travel shows, and exciting live championship events. Eight original programs – plus acquired programs – are currently being produced and offered, including:

    This Old Horse – American history is peppered with legendary horses that have changed the course of history and the lives of countless millions. This weekly series tells the stories of famous roping, cutting, dressage, hunter/jumper, racing, and other horses through heartfelt interviews with the people they touched.

    Saddle Up With Jay Novacek – Jay Novacek is a world champion football star and world-class athlete. He’s also an avid horseman, hunter and cutting horse champion. Saddle up with Jay as he takes viewers on new journeys every week, exploring new experiences on horseback.

    Straight Shooters – Mounted shooting, the fastest growing equine sport in America, is featured in this fun, new reality show. Follow Marcus Wadley and a colorful cast of characters as they compete against each other and invite you into their interesting lives.

    Horses That Heal – Touching stories of how equine therapy impacts children, men, and women suffering from down syndrome, PTSD, autism, quadriplegia and other challenges.

    Swamp Donkey – A funny and entertaining program that pokes fun at all of the mishaps between people and their 1200 pound friends, their horses. Prepare to laugh nonstop as host Anthony Lucia creates his own form of comedy.

    Rock Star Vets – Dr. Chris Ray grew up in the “oil patch” of west Texas, dips snuff, is “tatted” up and graduated Magna Cum Laude. The hilarious and entertaining life of this brilliant equine surgeon who can drink more tequila than any person vertical. Watch as he saves lives and discovers new mischief.

    Ranch Real Estate – Cowboy realtor, Johnny, meets city girl realtor, Natalie, as they team up to tour and sell some of the nicest and biggest ranch properties in the U.S. Join in each week for the fun, amazing properties and great entertainment.

    Stable Fables – Children are captivated by horses and farm animals. Join Jared Wilson, an accomplished artist, as he draws his way into the hearts and minds of children with his entertaining storytelling using pictures that teaches children important life values.

    About RIDE TV

    Ride Television Network, Inc. is a privately held corporation based in Fort Worth, Texas. The company was formed in 2011 to launch a 24-hour, high-definition television network. RIDE TV launched October 13, 2014 in the United States and will be distributed internationally in 2015. The network has already secured distribution with several cable systems and Telco operators.

    About Co-Founder Michael Fletcher

    Chief executive officer for RIDE TV, Michael Fletcher is a 25-year media executive who has been actively involved as an investor and leader of a variety of media companies including cable television networks, television production companies, radio stations and a satellite uplink facility. As the president and shareholder of the Hispanic children’s cable television network Sorpresa, Fletcher led the launch and distribution of the channel across the U.S. on all cable systems. He, along with another investor, purchased the Soundtrack Channel, repackaged it, and successfully sold it to Mnet one year later. Fletcher created and launched Fort Worth based Studios 121 – a television production studio and satellite uplink facility – before selling his equity in 2014. He is a voting member of the Grammy Awards, where he is former governor and two-term president of the Texas Chapter.

    About Co-Founder Craig Morris

    President of RIDE TV, Craig Morris is a nationally recognized horse trainer, world champion competitor, television producer and on-air personality. His reach and influence within the world of trainers, owners, breeders and associations is held in high esteem throughout the equine world. Morris has been inducted into the National Cutting Horse Association’s “Riders Hall of Fame,” with lifetime winnings more than $2,000,000. He pioneered the creation of “Silverado,” the first equestrian themed housing development in Texas that offers horse shows, sales, public exhibitions and events. Morris also hosted and produced a successful television program that aired on a national network for five years.