Tuesday, October 25, 2016
Amanda Morris


RIDE TV and Twisted Treehouse work together to build an all-new, interactive website

October 24, 2016 – FORT WORTH, TX and CORINTH, TX – Ride Television Network, Inc. and Twisted Treehouse Creative Group launched a brand new, interactive website for RIDE TV. The companies had been collaborating on the site for months until they finally nailed down the perfect design and functionality for RIDE TV audiences everywhere.

“It was a pleasure getting to work with Twisted Treehouse on this project,” said Meg Drake, Digital Content Manager for RIDE TV. “It was through their creativity and experience that we were able to bring the initial vision and concept for our new site to life. We were blown away by the final product; it far exceeded our expectations.”

RIDE TV and Twisted Treehouse began working together in early spring. RIDE TV had some wire frame ideas drawn out on giant notepads, and after reviewing their ideas with the Twisted Treehouse team, they knew that it would be a perfect fit for collaborating and bringing the site to life.

“Getting the opportunity to work on RIDE TV was a real treat,” said Greg Altuna, Director of Digital Operations for Twisted Treehouse. “We love it every time we get an opportunity to help grow a brand, and this was no exception. It’s not very often you get to work with a client that loves design and technology as much as you do!”

“The RIDE TV website was such an enjoyable project to be a part of,” said Jennifer Goldfield, Twisted Treehouse Account Executive. “Their marketing team came to the table with a vision of how they wanted the site to function, literally in the form of giant notepad doodles. The challenge to make that vision a reality was ours. I think this site showcases what our agency is capable of accomplishing. It's one we are all extremely proud of.”

RIDE TV’s entire team couldn’t be happier with the outcome of the site. You can check it out for yourself at www.RIDETV.com

About Ride Television Network, Inc.

Ride Television Network, Inc. is a privately held corporation based in Fort Worth, Texas. RIDE TV launched on October 1, 2014 in the United States and is now available internationally. The network features high-quality television programming showcasing both English and Western disciplines and lifestyles and includes live events, reality shows, talk shows, children’s programming, documentaries and other great programming. For more information about RIDE TV, please visit www.ridetv.com.

About Twisted Treehouse Creative Group

Our North Texas creative agency specializes in developing a fresh approach to your marketing presence, with a twist. Twisted Tree House is a small firm that allows the personal service you need to build a presence that reflects the personality of your company. Our vast resources, built through years of experience, provide creative content that sets you apart from the clutter. Lets hit the reset button on your marketing and get it moving on high-quality digital and print media, website design and development, branding and logo design, print and graphic design, photography and video production, SEO and social campaigns. For more information about Twisted Tree House, please visit www.twistedtreehouse.com.

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