Wednesday, November 9, 2016
Meg Drake

Fort Worth, Texas – After years of working together, Ride Television Network Inc., (RIDE TV) a Fort Worth based nationally distributed television network, acquires key production company, F2 Media, LLC. (F2 Media).

This acquisition of F2 Media delivers to RIDE TV an extensive network of equipment, producers, editors and directors and allows RIDE TV to be better positioned for its planned expansion of programming production in 2017. The Company plans to add a daily newscast, more live sports, more reality shows and many other series in 2017.

“This acquisition made such great strategic and business sense to everyone involved, that it can only be described as a win-win,” said F2 Media Co-Owner, Nathan Fletcher, who will join RIDE TV as the company’s Vice President of Production.

RIDE TV President, Craig Morris, is excited to welcome Fletcher to the company. “RIDE TV is lucky to have Nathan Fletcher joining the team as Vice President of Production,” said Morris. “We have outsourced most of our production up to this point and it has worked great for us, but the timing was right to be able to bring Nathan on board and acquire a great production company in the process.”

Up until this point, RIDE TV has relied on outside production companies to film, edit and deliver content. Through this acquisition RIDE TV will own a substantial amount of equipment and assets, and will gain Fletcher’s expertise in television production.

“I’ve been working with the RIDE team for years developing and producing content for RIDE before it was even launched. I’m very excited about RIDE’s future and am grateful and thrilled to have a role in the leadership team,” said Fletcher.

Throughout the past five years, F2 Media has produced many key programs for RIDE TV, including It’s My Backyard with Chad Prather, This Old Horse with Carly Twisselman, and Southern Fried Skinnyfied with Paige Duke among others.

“F2 Media has grown alongside RIDE TV, and has helped to create award winning content for them from the very beginning,” said F2 Media Co-Owner, Serene Fletcher. “We have worked so closely together that we have, at many times, felt like one team. We are thrilled to see this acquisition come to fruition, and now be a larger part of the future growth of RIDE TV.”

Morris adds that the acquisition will help to reduce RIDE TV costs and enable the network to develop even more original programming. “We are constantly working on new concepts,” said Morris. “ Our goal is to continue to broaden our appeal and further our reach throughout the equine industry,” said Morris.

About Ride Television Network, Inc.

Ride Television Network, Inc. is a privately held corporation based in Fort Worth, Texas USA. The company was formed in 2011 for the purpose of launching a 24-hour, high definition, television network that is focused on the equestrian lifestyle. RIDE TV launched on October 1, 2014, in the United States and is now available in the U.S. on Dish, CenturyLink, Armstrong, and many other cable operators, as well as internationally in Latin America.

For more information about RIDE TV, please visit www.ridetv.com.

About F2 Media, LLC.

Founded in 2012, F2 Media LLC, is a film and video production company offering creative services and production services to clients and agencies alike.  While focusing on creating original and authentic content in both short form and long form, F2 Media’s recent success includes winning 14 Addy awards for an on air branding campaign, and film festival awards for a documentary film.

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