RIDE TV — a new breed of entertainment.

Channel your passion for the horse lifestyle with RIDE TV, available in HD on Frontier! Catch all your favorite shows like This Old Horse, The Ride, Rock Star Vets, Horses That Heal, and Ridiculous Ranches.

This Old Horse - RIDE TV
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Start watching RIDE TV today! Click the link below to find out what channel RIDE TV is on your Frontier guide at home. You can order right from your guide! Just tune to the RIDE TV channel and click the “OK” button on your remote to subscribe.

RIDE TV on FiOS TV® by Frontier

Don’t have Frontier just yet? Start watching RIDE TV today! Find out your availability by clicking the link below.

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Catch all Finals in the Ruidoso Triple Crown Series LIVE only on RIDE TV!

Watch the Ruidoso Finals on June 9-10, the Rainbow Finals on July 21-22, and the All American Finals on September 2-3.

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