RIDE TV, the horse TV channel, Rock Star Vets covers the adventures of Dr. Chris Ray and his assistants as they respond to the challenges of serving the rich and famous who are passionate about their horses. Watch this horse show and see Dr. Ray, a high energy, party going, West Texas boy who became the sought after equine surgeon with the rich and famous. Brought to you by RIDE television, the horse television channel, follow the adventures of this West Texas boy who "made good" and became the sought after horse doctor for clients all around the world. Dr. Ray's adventures, in and out of the clinic, are as colorful as the two 8" sexy women tattooed on his arms.

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Case Study: Knee Surgery
Lameness of the Foot
Lameness of the Ankle
Suspensory Tendon Injury
Horse M.D. Knee Injury
Horse M.D. Hock Soreness
Meet Dr. Chris Ray
Horse M.D. Stifle Soreness
Horse M.D. Neck & Back Soreness
Horse M.D. Use of Ultrasound
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